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In the Silence at Nazareth

Maybe silence is something that isn’t experienced much at this time of year, especially during this week! In one sense, that’s a great thing…we’ve reconnected with family and friends, maybe for the first time in a few years. There’s a lot of wonderful commotion around, and all of it because of the beauty of family, drawn together in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in the flesh.

In the midst of everything, perhaps there is also some uncertainty in life, or suffering, or anxiety. Whatever our experience, I think it is important for us to carve out some time to contemplate the mystery of what we are actually celebrating. From a worldly perspective, the circumstances around Jesus’ birth in human flesh were anything but certain. Joseph and Mary, faithful and confident in God’s plan for them, were only able to rest in God’s presence in the flesh in their midst. Worrying about the future meant nothing because they had Jesus right in their midst.

There’s a stillness or a quietness to this time of year. In the midst of whatever chaos or celebration or anticipation or whatever were immersed in, it is also important to remember the humble beginnings of this Christmas season. As we allow the Christ child to impact every aspect of our lives, the quiet contemplation of God’s fulfillment of his promises –like it was for Mary and Joseph – is true for us: God is with us in his Son, Jesus Christ. And the true and abiding love of God never abandons or departs. Let’s just sit with that a bit. Ok?

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