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Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

We cannot let the day pass without commemorating the Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

With the certainty of faith, we know that Jesus Christ is king in the full, literal, and absolute sense of the word; for He is true God and man. This does not, however, prevent Mary from sharing His royal prerogatives, though in a limited and analogous manner; for she was the Mother of Christ, and Christ is God; and she shared in the work of the divine Redeemer, in His struggles against enemies and in the triumph He won over them all. From this union with Christ the King she assuredly obtains so eminent a status that she stands high above all created things; and upon this same union with Christ is based that royal privilege enabling her to distribute the treasures of the kingdom of the divine Redeemer. And lastly, this same union with Christ is the fountain of the inexhaustible efficacy of her motherly intercession in the presence of the Son and of the Father.

Without doubt, then, does our holy Virgin possess a dignity that far transcends all other creatures. In the eyes of her Son she takes precedence over everyone else.

Remember that the Queen of Heaven is a queen with the heart of a mother.


O God, who made the Mother of your Son to be our Mother and our Queen, graciously grant that, sustained by her intercession, we may attain in the heavenly Kingdom the glory promised to your children.


The image above is the same image we shared for the Assumption of Mary. While evocative of the Assumption of Mary, its primary focus shows Mary being crowned as the queen of heaven.

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