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Liturgical music has the ability to cultivate, strengthen, and deepen the spiritual experience of those gathered for worship.  The musical tradition of the Church is a treasure of immeasurable value. Liturgical music never dominates, but serves. Sacred music imparts spiritual truth to one's mind, heart, and soul.  It displays a dimension of meaning and feeling that mere words cannot.  Music makes prayer more pleasing, promotes a sense of congregational unity, and confers greater solemnity upon the sacred rites.

The Cathedral Choir is comprised of men and women who volunteer their time and talent in praise of our Lord. When the choir is in season, they rehearse on Wednesday in Bishops’ Hall and typically sing at the 10 AM Mass each Sunday from September to June. In addition, they lend their talent at nearly forty pontifical liturgies each year.   


Cantors are an important part of the liturgy at the Cathedral. They are volunteer men and women of the local community who have a love of singing and praising God through song.

If you are interested in joining the choir or becoming a cantor, please contact

Linda Phillips Orseck, Director of Liturgical Music using the form to the right.

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