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Mother's Day Blessings from the Cathedral

Blessed is the mother who lets the Lord be her guiding hand, whose faith brings her family courage and peace, whose wisdom comes from God, and whose children stand and honor her.


On this Mother's Day, we pray in gratitude to God for the witness that each mother offers to the Church and to our world. Many mothers have given the gift of life to children and have so lovingly nurtured that gift in them. Others have taken on the role of mother as an adoptive, foster or godmother. Each mother so beautifully mirrors the creative love of God and the nurturing presence of our Blessed Mother who cared so lovingly for Our Lord during His earthly life.

For all our mothers who have died, let us pray that God will grant them the rewards they so richly deserve and may He sustain all living mothers to continue to be devoted to God and their families.

In a special way, we pray for all living mothers whose sons and daughters are enjoying the beatific vision of our Lord. We pray that God comforts them on this day most especially and that they feel the warm presence of their children and that of the light of Christ.

May the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, Mary our Mother, be our constant companion and intercessor.

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