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Vision 2030 Linkage

On July 11, 2023, the Cathedral of Saint Peter Parish and Immaculate Conception Parish will enter into a linkage. Many parishes are linked in the Diocese of Scranton. Linked parishes happen when two or more parishes share a pastor. Linked parishes do as many things as possible cooperatively, especially given that the pastor is striving to serve two or more parishes.

Bishop Bambera's Letter to the Faithful

On April 23, 2023, Bishop Bambera issued a letter to the faithful announcing the linkage of the Cathedral Parish and Immaculate Conception Parish. 

Read Bishop Bambera's Letter to the Faithful >>

Transition Team

When two or more parishes enter into a linkage, a transition team is formed and meets regularly leading up to the date of linkage. The short-term focus is to determine pastoral needs for both faith communities. The Team also focuses on strengths and opportunities for growth, the uniqueness of each parish, current Mass schedules in both parishes and new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.

Transition Team Members

Cathedral of Saint Peter Parish: Kathy Bolinski, Bill Manley, Ruth Shoener, John Sirotnak

Immaculate Conception Parish: Jerry Donahue, Ed Dougherty, Andrew Hailstone, Karen Minora

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