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& Memorial Intentions

Mass Intentions

The Mass has been celebrated at the Cathedral for over 160 years. Today, Mass is normally celebrated three times each weekday, five times each weekend, and five times on Holy Days.

It is a time honored Catholic tradition to have Masses said in honor or in tribute to a particular person and to provide Mass Cards to comfort relatives, friends, and loved ones.   


Because the Cathedral takes seriously the need to match every Mass request to an actual Mass time and date, Mass requests must be done in person at the Parish Office during regular business hours. The offering for each Mass is $10.


The sanctuary lamp, placed before the tabernacle, is a sign that the Blessed Sacrament is reserved. Its continuous burning indicates and honors the presence of Christ.


The sanctuary lamp may be requested in honor or in tribute to a particular person. Each intention is for seven days. The offering for each intention is $15.

Sanctuary lamp intentions may be requested in person at the Parish Office or by contacting the Cathedral by phone or email.

Sanctuary Lamp Intentions
Bread & Wine Memorials

In addition to offering Masses and the sanctuary candle for family members and friends, we are pleased to announce that there is now an opportunity to memorialize your loved ones by offering the Bread and Wine for weekend Masses. Please call the Parish Office for more information.

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