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A Special Announcement from the Cathedral

Bishop to Announce the Appointment of Monsignor Dale Rupert from Pastor to Senior Priest and Pastor Emeritus of Cathedral of Saint Peter Parish and Diocesan Master of Ceremonies

After nearly eight years as pastor of the Cathedral Parish, Monsignor Dale Rupert will transition to a new role within the Cathedral Parish community and in the Diocese of Scranton. In conjunction with the Diocese’s long-range pastoral planning efforts articulated in Vision 2030, effective July 26, 2022, Bishop Bambera is appointing Monsignor Rupert to serve as Senior Priest and Pastor Emeritus of the Cathedral of Saint Peter Parish. Monsignor Rupert will also be appointed as Diocesan Master of Ceremonies, an expanded role similar to that which he maintained throughout the course of his tenure as pastor.

On that same date, the Cathedral Parish will warmly welcome Father Jeffrey Tudgay, J.C.L. as her new pastor. Father Tudgay currently serves as the pastor of Saint Eulalia's Parish, Roaring Brook Township. Father Tudgay also serves as Judicial Vicar and Episcopal Vicar for Canonical Affairs for the Diocese of Scranton, posts that he will continue to maintain while serving at the Cathedral.

Reflecting on this occasion, Monsignor Rupert has the following words to share with the faithful:

"It has been a privilege for me to be the pastor of the Cathedral Parish for almost 8 years now. I congratulate your new pastor Father Jeffrey Tudgay and wish him prayers and every success in his ministry at the Cathedral. Although I will no longer be responsible for administrative aspects of the Cathedral Parish, I will continue to reside at the Cathedral Rectory and provide pastoral care to our parishioners and friends. I will celebrate Sunday and weekday Masses, baptisms, weddings, and funerals as needed and will be available for counseling as well as hospital and home visitation. Along with my responsibilities as Diocesan Master of Ceremonies, I will provide Father Tudgay with support for the many special diocesan and parish Masses and liturgical events that take place at the Cathedral. Additionally, I will be available for spiritual direction, and will continue teaching in the Diocesan Permanent Diaconate Program."

In the coming weeks, we will share information regarding the transition to a new pastor and a celebratory reception to be held for him in late July. Please keep Monsignor Rupert and Father Tudgay in your prayers during the coming weeks as they prepare for their new roles. May God bless and watch over them!

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