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Lenten Reflection Series | Friday After Ash Wednesday

Today's reflection comes from The Catholic Telegraph.

The first time I heard that scripture it was in a Christian song, and it made sense… it convicted me. “Yes! Nothing else matters!” But it’s been an ongoing process to root-out the things in my life that seem to take up room but not add any life… especially when the “non-negotiables” like daily prayer, weekly Sacraments and family can’t seem to take priority and often get pushed aside. What do my actions say is most important to me?

We find ourselves again at the beginning of a season of fasting; the Church and it’s people expect that of us. But beyond expectation, it’s important we know WHY we fast. Because God can only fill that which is empty. We give up “the whole world” or pieces of it, so as to not (willingly, or unintentionally) forfeit our soul. Today’s first reading God tells us, “the fast that I choose” is for you to do good … for others! So to profit my soul I take my focus off of myself and seek the good of the other, for the sake of the other!

Jesus how are you calling me to fast? How are you drawing me in to your journey to the cross by fasting from only seeing my own needs, and caring more for others?

God, do I see and recognize the needs of others in my path? Do I care for their good as much as you do? Help me fast from self-consumption, act in their favor, and trust you will take care of my needs while I take care of theirs. Jesus, I trust in you.


Show gracious favor, O Lord, we pray, to the works of penance we have begun, that we may have strength to accomplish with sincerity the bodily observances we undertake.

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